Pools, Outdoor Recreation, Campgrounds & RV Parks

Please operate in accordance with the COVID-19 industry guidelines for Pools, Outdoor Recreation, Campground & RV Parks. This document provides guidance for Pools, Outdoor Recreation, Campground & RV Parks to support a safe and clean environment for workers and customers.

Business Action Required

  1. Prior to reopening for services each Campground, RV Park and Outdoor Recreation business owner must review, and agree to abide by the California Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Campgrounds, RV Park and Outdoor Recreation.
  2. Prior to reopening you must complete, sign and submit the County of Fresno COVID-19 Recreational Health Operational Procedure Form. Email the form to EnvironmentalHealth@fresnocountyca.gov or submit via fax at 559-455-4646.
  3. If located in the City of Fresno, the business is required to meet the requirements listed in Appendix A.
  4. Provide feedback about following the above-mentioned protocols and list your company’s commitment by filling out the commitment survey.