Personal Services

The Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) supports hair salons and barbershops to resume in-person services in accordance with the guidelines released by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued on May 24, 2020. As the State of California, along with the County of Fresno, continues to modify the stay-at-home orders, the threat of COVID-19 persists in our community.

Therefore, it is essential that we take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the public. The FCDPH recommends that all hair salons and barbershops and those preparing to resume in-person services to support a safe, clean environment for workers and customers and encourage them to review and thoroughly implement the CDPH Guidelines. Please keep in mind some of the following key prevention practices and guidelines for in-person services:

Services for these operations must be limited to services that can be provided with both the worker and customer wearing face coverings for the entirety of the service.

Services that cannot be performed with face coverings on both the worker and customer or that require touching the customer’s face, e.g., eyelash services, eyebrow waxing and threading, facials, etc., should be suspended until those types of services are allowed to resume. Also, this guidance does not permit reopening for tattoo or microblading providers, or nail salons.

Hair salon or barbershop owners or operators can only resume operations when they are ready and able to implement the necessary safety measures to provide for their safety and that of their customers, as outlined in the document.

Business Action Required

  1. Prior to reopening for services each Hair Salon and Barbershop business owner must review, and agree to abide by California Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Hair Salons and Barbershops.
  2. Prior to reopening you must complete, sign, and submit the COVID-19 Hair Salon and Barbershop Reopening Notification form to the Fresno County Department of Public Health. Email completed forms to
  3. If located in City of Fresno, the business is required to meet requirements listed in Appendix A.
  4. Provide feedback about following the above mentioned protocols and list your company’s commitment by filling out the commitment survey.